KeynoteMarty Neumeier: 13 Myths of Branding

In this fast-paced 2-hour presentation, brand guru Marty Neumeier will challenge your beliefs about of branding, marketing, design, and innovation. What is a brand? Why do companies exist? Where is the competition? How can you innovate? When you can answer these questions clearly and simply, the world of strategic branding will open up to you. Marty’s lively graphics and engaging group exercises will leave you with valuable principles you can put into practice the very next day.


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  1. Myth: Your logo is your brand.
    Fact: Your logo is only a symbol.
  2. Myth: Branding is a form of advertising.
    Fact: Advertising is a form of branding.
  3. Myth: Social marketing will replace branding.
    Fact: Social marketing is branding on steroids.
  4. Myth: Branding is only for consumer products.
    Fact: Branding is for all products and companies.
  5. Myth: A company exists for its shareholders.
    Fact: A company exists for its customers.
  6. Myth: Your biggest competition is rival companies.
    Fact: Your biggest competition is clutter.
  7. Myth: The bigger competitor usually wins.
    Fact: Any size competitor can win or lose.
  8. Myth: New ideas are inherently risky.
    Fact: New ideas are powerful.
  9. Myth: “Best practices” are leading practices.
    Fact: “Best practices” lead to sameness.
  10. Myth: It’s safe to extend a successful brand.
    Fact: Brand extensions can kill a brand.
  11. Myth: Focus groups show what people will buy.
    Fact: Prototype testing is a better indicator.
  12. Myth: Design comes after strategy.
    Fact: Design is strategy.
  13. Myth: Branding is a marketing function.
    Fact: Branding is a company function.
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Other speakers

Common sense as a method of brand management

Vilém Rubeš

The brainded brands exorcist

The more sophisticated brand management tools there are introduced in theory, the less there are brands that are truly managed. The more attributes there are that are possible to manage, the less effect it has on the brand itself. The introduction of new technologies and channels make the situation even worse. Why do more and more managers only speak about brand building and not put their words into action?

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Doing business in harmony with our lifestyle

Jan Zeman

Owner of the Organic Bakery Zemanka ...

The story of establishing the brand which considers itself to be successful even outside of the „organic business“. From rags to supermarket aisles, and a philosophy that is in harmony with our lifestyle and beliefs. We are passionate about the overall perfection of our products and that is something we really enjoy. And moreover, we do not know any other way to do it.

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Horsefeathers do it better

Hanuš Salz

Co-owner of Horsefeathers

Snowboarding has always had its traditional brands founded by people sharing a similar lifestyle. But the moment this former alternative and marginal past-time for just a few fans became a sport for the masses, it started to attract large manufacturers  who significantly changed the rules of the game. The established snowboard brands found themselves in a situation which determined their fate. How to change the firm and brand under the new circumstances, but at the same time maintain the same passion and values you had at the beginning? How to continue building the firm and brand in an honest and sincere way? How to regain the trust in Czech brands on the international market? Horsefeathers chose to focus on consistent care of the product and a simple philosophy: You can do things many different ways, but you can always do them better!

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To be the object of desire, not choice

Pavlína Horová

Marketing Manager of Linet Ltd.

The company LINET is one of the biggest manufacturers of hospital beds in the world. Its story starts with a dilapidated homestead in a small village in Central Bohemia and the dreams of its founder and co-owner about higher quality products, which almost nobody believed in. How do you establish a brand in the highly competitive B2B segment in which the product parameters and price rule? How to convince top managers of large hospitals that satisfied patients have significant impact on the overall quality of the provided health care? How to succeed with a Czech brand on the international market? Continuous innovation and systematic education of the market as specific methods of brand management.

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The new Sazka: winner takes it all

Jana Studničková

Division of Sales and Marketing Director, SAZKA Betting and Lottery Office

Details of the most widely covered cases in the media in 2011: the fall of the betting and lottery firm Sazka.  How did one of the most valued Czech brands deal with insolvency, loss of trust, plunge in sales?  How deep was the fall into bankruptcy and where is it now? Has the brand become stronger or weaker upon emerging from the depression? How has the former monopolist market player tackled the rise of competitors?

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How to build a bank that will be loved

Jakub Petřina

Marketing Director of Air Bank

What do we need to build a bank that will be loved? And I mean this not only in terms of the people being satisfied with it, but also if they really love it, prefer it and recommend it to others. We are trying to establish Air Bank to become exactly this. Sometimes we manage to do it well, sometimes not. Nevertheless we usually beat or own expectations. We simply believe that a bank does not have to be something we tolerate in our lives. We also believe that banking is just another line of services that can work in such a way as to make people happy. And we are inspired by everybody – not only by banks.

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I've never had to veer off the path of achieving my dreams

Stanislav Bernard

General Director of BERNARD Family Brewery

I have been in the brewery business for 21 years and have never had to veer off the path of achieving my dreams even since starting in this business. It was not easy, and the first 10 years were mainly about fighting for the survival of the company. Thanks to this, when others were suffering from the recent depression, we were able to realise our objectives and ensure the stable growth  of the company.

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